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So, you want to be an author?  Let me tell you how I came to publish my book.

Many years ago, I found myself with little to do at work, so, sitting in my physics laboratory, waiting for a new project to arrive, I started writing about my favourite activity – skiing in the French Alps. I quickly came up with a plot involving a ski resort run by villains, and the hero, Len Palmer, a ski lift designer. Len gets dragged into ….  Well I won’t spoil the book for you, but he has a lot of really exciting adventures.

I finished my best-seller and started to look for an agent to publish it and make me famous.  I soon found that I had a lot in common with Agatha Christie, who had five years of continuous rejection for her first book. However, unlike Agatha, there was no happy ending and, after numerous rejections, I put my manuscript in a drawer and, almost, forgot about it.

But the world keeps changing. One of the better changes for the would-be author is Amazon Kindle self-publishing.  Last year, I dusted off my old type-written manuscript, updated the story to reflect the 25 years that had passed, and turned it into an electronic e-book.  I no longer needed a short-sighted publisher to get my book out into the world – a few clicks on the Amazon Self-Publishing site and I was, at long last, a published author.

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